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Woman struck by car on Las Vegas-area sidewalk

Sidewalks are supposed to be a safe place for pedestrians. Sadly, this didn't prove to be the case for the victim of a recent car vs. pedestrian accident.

The accident happened on Monday. That afternoon, a woman was walking on a sidewalk in the Las Vegas-area. The sidewalk in question is by the intersection of Arville Street and Flamingo Road.

According to authorities, a car then went onto the sidewalk and hit the woman.

Obviously, cars are not supposed to be on sidewalks and their presence on sidewalks can be very harmful. It is very important for drivers to not engage in conduct which could result in their vehicle going onto a sidewalk. Reportedly, it is not yet known what specifically caused the above-mentioned car to go onto the sidewalk.

The woman suffered injuries as a result of being hit by the car. The KTNV article which reported this story did not have any details regarding how severe the woman's injuries are or what specific type of injuries her injuries are.

As this accident shows, car vs. pedestrian accidents can result in pedestrians getting hurt. The costs and impacts injuries suffered in a car vs. pedestrian accident can lead to a pedestrian facing can be fairly substantial.

When a pedestrian is struck by a car and suffers injuries, it can be very important to look closely at the details of the accident and its potential causes. This is because what a car vs. pedestrian accident's causes were can impact what avenues for seeking relief are available to the accident's victim. Such reviews can be quite complicated and can involve many different things.

Thus, if a person is injured in a car vs. pedestrian accident, he or she may wish to consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source: KTNV, "Driver strikes pedestrian on sidewalk at Flamingo and Arville," Molly Waldron, June 3, 2013

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