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What role do helmets play in lawsuits for motorcycle accidents?

If you live in Nevada, you might know the joy of taking a fabulous drive through the scenic desert countryside. This can be even more enjoyable with the freedom afforded by a motorcycle. What happens if you get into a crash during one of these rides? Even worse, what happens if you were not wearing your helmet at the time of the motorcycle accident? You may still have grounds for a legal claim, according to some experts.

In Nevada, all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet while they are using their vehicles. Even those individuals who ride their motorcycle recreationally -- perhaps only on weekends -- still must wear a helmet. Helmet laws are designed to keep riders safe and decrease fatality rates on the state's roads.

A truck and 2 police cars ran over a Nevada man

A man from Nevada has died after being struck by three vehicles in Douglas County. The first vehicle to hit him was a pickup truck, and that was followed up by a pair of police cruisers.

Reports show that the crash happened on U.S. 395, and they also indicate that the man was standing in the road. This happened close to Spring Valley Drive. The man was apparently in the southbound lane when a pickup truck that was going south slammed into him. The crash threw the man across the road, into the opposite lanes.

Car strikes walking biker in Las Vegas, Nevada

A car and a bicycle collided in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the police are now saying that the biker suffered from serious injuries as a result of the collision. The police also picked that man up for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The man who was hit was not even riding his bicycle when he was struck, but simply walking with it to get across the street. However, he was not using a crosswalk. At about 5:45 in the afternoon, a Chevy Camaro slammed into him. The man behind the wheel of that Camaro was 39 years old, and the man walking his bike across the street was 64 years old.

Pedestrian car accidents continue to plague Nevada, nation

We have recently featured several stories about pedestrian deaths -- namely, those affecting homeless pedestrians and other vulnerable populations. Nevada residents are certainly not immune to the problems facing the nation when it comes to pedestrian involvement in car accidents. This is a nationwide problem with real consequences. In fact, one pedestrian is killed about every two hours in the U.S. -- and one is injured every 7 minutes.

A pedestrian is formally defined as someone who is walking, jogging, running or sitting down who is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Most pedestrian deaths occur in urban settings rather than on rural roads, with about three in four fatalities occurring. The vast majority of those nationwide pedestrian deaths occur at non-intersections, which means a crosswalk may not have been present. Further, it does not appear that weather plays a significant role in the frequency of pedestrian fatalities, as about 90 percent occur during regular conditions. Most pedestrian fatalities occur at night.

What it means to be involved in a truck and car collision

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a large truck, you may be wondering about your rights and responsibilities. What exactly does it mean to be struck by a "commercial vehicle," for example, and what types of damages can you recover after being involved in such a collision? Trucking collisions are serious matters that can involve both corporations and individuals. They can be different from traditional accidents that are addressed in civil courts. Here is what you should know about your rights and options during your civil court hearing.

First, it is important that you know the definition of the term "commercial truck." This type of vehicle, also known as a big-rig or semi-truck, is designed to transport commercial goods. This type of truck also includes general delivery vehicles, tanker trucks and freight trucks, among others. A pickup truck used for everyday activities by a corporation would not be considered in the commercial truck category.

Nevada motorcycle cop hurt in hit-and-run

A motorcycle police officer in Reno, Nevada, was injured in a hit-and-run accident. So far, the police have not arrested anyone for this incident. However, recent reports indicate that they do have at least one suspect in the case, and they have been questioning them to learn more.

The male suspect was located by officers on July 30, and they encountered him at about three in the afternoon. He was found in an apartment complex.

Fatal accident totals tend to be over 30,000

To keep track of fatal crashes, the government uses the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, which compiles data for all years requested. Using this data, it is possible to look at national trends to see if the number of fatal crashes is trending up or down. The information is also broken down to indicate how many cars were involved, the types of vehicles that were involved and more.

As a general trend, FARS found that there have been more than 30,000 fatal wrecks in most years over the last two decades, starting in 1990 and ending in 2009. In 1990, there were 39,836 fatal crashes, 2005 saw 39,252, and the year 2009 saw 30,797.

Homeless pedestrians more likely to be killed in a car collision

Pedestrian deaths are on the rise both in Nevada and nationwide. However, the victims in these cases may not be exactly the population you would first draw to mind. Did you know that members of Nevada's homeless population are about 22 times more likely to be killed in a car collision than their non-homeless counterparts? This troubling statistic may lead to an expanded initiative to protect this vulnerable population from tragic pedestrian accidents.

A new study, which was published in mid-July by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed that road environments could be hostile to all types of pedestrians. However, experts say that additional factors may play a role in the accident outcomes for some homeless victims. For example, about two-thirds of the homeless decedents were legally intoxicated when they were killed. Homeless shelters in the area tend to reject those who are intoxicated, meaning that those pedestrians were turned away to wander the streets. They paid the ultimate price for those decisions.

Drowsy drivers' methods do not lower risk of serious car accident

"If I just turn the air conditioning on, I'll be able to stay awake to get home" -- famous last words of a drowsy driver.

A recent survey shows that drivers in Nevada and other states think they can keep themselves awake behind the wheel by rolling down the window, pulling over to exercise or listening to loud music. Sadly, the only thing that can help a drowsy driver, according to experts, is a good, old-fashioned nap. When drowsy drivers continue to operate their vehicle well after their personal limits, they endanger everyone else on the road, increasing the risk of deadly car accidents.

Truck accident briefly closes road in Nevada

A semi truck crashed in Nevada, out on the I-215 highway, and the road had to be closed down as a result. The crash happened close to Stephanie Street. While the interstate did have to stay closed through the majority of the morning on Monday, the emergency crews were able to get it opened back up to traffic again by the afternoon.

Reports indicate that the crash took place in the very early morning, right around 4:30 a.m., and it happened out in the eastbound lanes. The Nevada Highway Patrol has released information showing that the semi smashed into the center median, the concrete divider on the highway, and then it jackknifed in the lanes.

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