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Drowsy drivers' methods do not lower risk of serious car accident

"If I just turn the air conditioning on, I'll be able to stay awake to get home" -- famous last words of a drowsy driver.

A recent survey shows that drivers in Nevada and other states think they can keep themselves awake behind the wheel by rolling down the window, pulling over to exercise or listening to loud music. Sadly, the only thing that can help a drowsy driver, according to experts, is a good, old-fashioned nap. When drowsy drivers continue to operate their vehicle well after their personal limits, they endanger everyone else on the road, increasing the risk of deadly car accidents.

Truck accident briefly closes road in Nevada

A semi truck crashed in Nevada, out on the I-215 highway, and the road had to be closed down as a result. The crash happened close to Stephanie Street. While the interstate did have to stay closed through the majority of the morning on Monday, the emergency crews were able to get it opened back up to traffic again by the afternoon.

Reports indicate that the crash took place in the very early morning, right around 4:30 a.m., and it happened out in the eastbound lanes. The Nevada Highway Patrol has released information showing that the semi smashed into the center median, the concrete divider on the highway, and then it jackknifed in the lanes.

20-car pileup on I-80 in Nevada

On a recent July morning, there were an incredible 20 cars involved in a single pileup on I-80, one of the main interstates that runs through the state of Nevada. While early accounts listed nine injuries, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol, later accounts put the total at eight. Some of the injuries were moderate and others were just considered minor. All of the lanes going west were blocked off for hours, but authorities were able to get them back open around 2 p.m.

The first calls about the accident reached authorities right after 9 a.m. Though not many details on what had caused the accident to occur were offered at first, the crash appeared to be linked to a truck hauling a load of rocks. Later reports confirmed this, saying that the load of gravel had gotten loose and spilled out all over the highway.

Nevada statistics show rise in rural fatal car collisions

Traffic fatalities in the state of Nevada have declined, on average, through the first half of 2014 when compared to the same time frame in 2012. However, there is some disheartening news, as several rural counties in the state have seen increases in the rates of fatal car collisions. In fact, statistics show that eight counties in Nevada have seen a rise in traffic fatalities during the first six months of 2014.

Elko County saw the most dramatic rise, with no deaths last year from January to June -- but eight so far in 2014. Lyon, Eureka, Humbold, Lander and Churchill counties have also seen increases, among others. Authorities say that although statewide numbers decreased by a total of nine deaths, rural fatalities appear to be on the rise, which is certainly a troubling trend.

Nevada man arrested for hit-and-run car accident

A Nevada man has been accused of involvement in a hit-and-run accident on July 6 in St. George, Utah. The man, age 28, is accused of fleeing the scene after causing the injurious car accident, which caused a Honda sedan to strike a large rock and then smash into the road’s median on Red Hills Parkway. Authorities believe the man may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash. The victim in the collision suffered minor back injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

The defendant was accused of leaving the scene of an accident, interfering with arrest and having an open container of alcohol in his car. Further, he is charged with improper lane travel, speeding and providing false personal information to a police officer. The defendant later admitted to police officers that he left the scene of the accident because he was afraid of getting “into trouble.”

Semi and cyclist collide in Nevada tunnel

The Nevada Highway Patrol is reporting that a commercial semi-truck was involved in an accident with a bicyclist. The accident occurred in the Cave Rock tunnel, which is located on U.S. 50. From that position on the highway, drivers can look down and see over the basin for Lake Tahoe.

Reports said that the injuries to the cyclist were thought to be severe and serious, though the biker did survive the incident. The cyclist needed to be airlifted out of the location so that he or she could quickly get to medical care in the city. A Care Flight helicopter was called to the scene. The hospital that the cyclist was taken to by the helicopter was not immediately reported, and neither was the full extent of the injuries or the exact injuries that the person suffered from.

Program could help prevent distracted driving car accidents

Good news for some drivers who have been nabbed talking on their mobile phones while driving: An amnesty program in Nevada could lead to the dismissal of their citations if they take an online class. This pilot program is designed to help first-time, low-level offenders -- not those who have been implicated in an automobile injury accident. In fact, it appears as though the program is intended to help prevent those drivers from causing the more serious car crashes that could lead to catastrophic injuries because of driver distraction.

Drivers will be invited to participate in the program if this is their first offense. They will be required to participate in special online tasks for 28 consecutive days. These offenders could get out of paying their $50 first-time citation if they successfully complete the program. They would be required to complete certain online activities including writing about a situation in which they drove without a distraction or taking a quiz about distracted driving. Failure to complete the program would, of course, lead to the citation being fully processed.

The Nevada Highway Patrol says fatal accidents are up

New reports coming from the Nevada Highway Patrol indicate that the rate of deaths in traffic accidents seems to be climbing in the first half of 2014. The most recent report that they put out indicated that 15 accidents have been investigated by the NHP in which people who were involved were killed.

There are multiple causes for these accidents, with some being linked to drunk driving or distracted driving, others being linked to people not wearing their seat belts, and the like.

Is your car accident covered if you use ride-sharing services?

Many of us have heard about the technological advances that have allowed ride-sharing services to pop up in Nevada and other states throughout the nation. These not-for-profit ride-sharing services -- many of which can be accessed by a smartphone app -- may seem convenient and advantageous, but they are actually quite risky. Experts say that drivers who offer their services for pay without obtaining additional insurance could become personally liable in the event of an automobile injury. Individuals who use their vehicles to provide taxi or livery services must obtain additional insurance in order to comply with government mandates.

The use of these ride-sharing services is fairly simple. A user pays a fee to download an app. Then, that person is able to contact registered drivers in their area. The drivers are generally paid either through the app or with a private transaction.

Nevada accident leaves one person dead near Lake Mead

A two-vehicle accident took place recently in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and one person was killed as a result of the crash. Two other people who were involved in the crash are reported to have been injured, though the extent of those injuries was revealed by the emergency responders or the doctors at this time.

A spokesperson for the Lake Mead NRA did provide some details to the public. The accident happened in the morning. A 911 call came in to authorities at 10:20. It happened close to Lake Mead Boulevard, which is also known as Nevada State Route 147, and it was near Northshore Road.

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